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  • innovative structural design - the scientific design combines stainless steel claws, pedals and handles to form a sturdy and flexible lever. The weedier tool is inserted into the weeds, pushing the top of the handle to apply force to the back and the bottom, and the grass is pulled out, which is labor-saving and efficient. Ideal for permanently removing invasive weeds without multiple applications harsh, costly herbicide
  • STURDY STAINLESS STEEL THREE-CLAW FOOT PEDAL CONSTRUCTION - The thick stainless steel three-knife design has good grip and stability. The pedals are made of high-strength, lightweight composite plastic. When weeding, apply enough strength to penetrate the ground to grab the grass. Stainless steel claws and stronger pedals allow you to penetrate hard soil to remove weeds and roots
  • automatic spring return Device design - after the stand up weedier pulls out the grass, The stainless Steel claws are tightly clamped with weeds and dirt. Just push the scraper at the bottom of the movable handle in the middle to push it out. After loosening, the scraper automatically recovers, reducing hand fatigue and making it quicker and easier to clean stainless steel claws, which is a unique design of the TACKLIFE weedier tools
  • 39 INCH WITH COMFORTABLE HANDLE - The 39-inch-high weedier tool can be used to avoid knee and waist pain caused by frequent bending. The handle is made of steel and the handshake part is plastic. handle design offers improved ergonomics to reduce wrist strain and enhance grip, no more back-breaking labor; no more blistered palms. Lightweight aluminum shaft provides easy maneuverability and lasting strength
  • HEALTHY AND FAST WEEDING EXPERIENCE】- TACKLIFE weeding tools are safer for the environment, children, and pets. reduce your labor and avoid discomfort. Now you won't regenerate so many weeds in your yard or garden, it will give you a better gardening experience. For customers, this product comes with 1-Month free trial & 2-Year

  • Product Description


    Simple to Use Innovative Automatic Spring Device 39-Inch Stand-up Weeder


    • Simple and Fun to Use S
    • imply position the weeder tool over the weed, Step down on the foot to drive the claws into the ground, Pull back on the handle to grab the weedT
    • hen lift the tool and eject the pulled weed, the three serrated, Stainless-steel claws will grab the weed by the root, Easily remove weeds and roots
    • More Enjoyable Gardening Experience
    • No need to use expensive harmful herbicides, use Tacklife weeding tools to be more safe for the environment, children, pets
    • This garden weeder will help you tend to your garden and remove pesky weeds for years to come
    • Stand-up weeder Ideal for helping the garden permanently remove dandelions, pods and other invasive weeds
    weeder tool


    • ▲ Unique Spring Design
    • The built-in spring design brings better garden weeding experience. Tacklife's weeding tools are more simple and convenient
    • You can pull it gently after use and the weeds in the root can fly out automatically. It is very convenient and fun
    • ▲ Efficient 3-Claw Design
    • Weed puller unique 3-claw design, with a fixed blade and two movable blades, the triangular fixing enhances the stability of weeding to ensure
    • penetration of the ground even when the soil is hard
    • Now there will never be so much weeds in your yard or garden
    • ▲ Durable Stainless Steel Material
    • The stainless steel material used in our stand-up weeder not only looks beautiful, The stronger pedals let you penetrate the hard soil and can take the
    • weight when you step on the pedals.
    • Very durable so you don't have to buy another herbicide for years
    • ▲ Sturdy & Thickened Pedal Material
    • The pedal is a strong support point, so we have strengthened the material to ensure it won't be damaged during multiple uses
    • ▲ Hand Grip Part
    • Increase friction and make it easier and more comfortable during use
    stand up weeder
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