TACKLIFE Weeder, 39-Inch Stand Up Weeder, Black and orange -GSW1A TACKLIFE Weeder, 39-Inch Stand Up Weeder, Black and orange -GSW1A

TACKLIFE Weeder, 39-Inch Stand Up Weeder, Black and orange -GSW1A

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The 3.27-inch steel claw can grip the grass more forcefully, the 39-inch tall weeder allows you to work without bending over, and the 7.87-inch pedal is made of high-strength, lightweight composite plastic, which is wider and stronger


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【Innovative structural】- The 0.14-inch-thick, 3.27-inch-length stainless steel 3 claws design can has good grip and stability. The 7.87 in pedal is made of high-strength, lightweight composite plastic. Stainless steel claws, stronger and wider pedals allow you to penetrate hard soil to remove weeds and roots. !!!!!Be Careful: ONLY "TK-Stores" sells Tool as Picture Showing"

【Efficient weed and dirt removal】- After the stand up weeder pulls out the grass, just need to push the movable handle in the middle to eject weeds and dirt, easy and efficient. The unique design will reduce your hand fatigue and making it quicker and easier to clean stainless steel claws.

【Comfortable handle】- You use the TACKLIFE 39-inch-high weeder tool will avoid knee and waist pain caused by frequent bending.The handshake part is plastic, handle design offers improved ergonomics to reduce wrist strain and enhance grip, no more back-breaking labor; no more blistered palms. Lightweight aluminum shaft provides easy maneuverability and lasting strength.

【Flexible operation】- The scientific design combines stainless steel claws, pedals and handles to form a sturdy and flexible lever. The weeder tool is inserted into the weeds, pushing the top of the handle to apply force to the back and the bottom, and the grass is pulled out, which is labor-saving and efficient. Ideal for permanently removing invasive weeds without multiple applications harsh, costly herbicide.

【Healthy weeding experience】- TACKLIFE weeding tool is eco-friendly for the environment and safer for children and pets. It reduce your labor and avoid discomfort. Now your yard or garden won't regenerate so many weeds. Your garden weeder tool will bring you a better gardening experience.

TACKLIFE vertical garden weeder and root removal tool, vertical manual weeder with 3 claws, hand tool, stainless steel and high-strength foot pedal, perfect for permanently removing plants with rhizomes, 39 inches

The step and twist garden/lawn steel weeder makes it easy to remove many weeds, including dandelions. being able to grab weeds and their roots for permanent removal, the weeder ensures comfort and easy usage. Ideal for permanently removal of many weeds, including dandelions, thistles and other invasive ones with ease.



The pole is 39 inches long, suitable for the height of most people. The ergonomic design will not hurt your knees, waist and back. Just keep it upright and step on the pedals into the soil to pull the grass out easily. Is your best choice when weeding

The retractable spring rod allows you to take out the weed dirt without your hands after taking the grass. Pull the spring gently, the dirt will fall off easily, making cleaning faster and easier

Three 3.75mm cutter heads can be easily inserted into the soil. Just place the head on the weeds and step on the foot platform. The serrated stainless steel claws will grab the roots of the weeds and remove the weeds.

The handle part is made of nylon, which can reduce wrist strain and strengthen the grip of the grass extractor. At the same time, it can also reduce friction when you use it, and it is not easy to let the tool get out of your hand

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