TACKLIFE Professional Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 3.94"x2.87"- PAH03D TACKLIFE Professional Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 3.94"x2.87"- PAH03D

Protection Color for Eyes, Auto Darkening, 3.94"x2.87" Large Viewing Area, 1/1/1/1 Top Optical Clarity, 4 Arc Sensor, UV/IR Protection: Din16, 1/25000s Reaction Time, Flexible Adjustment, Shade Range (3,4-8,9-13), 7 Attachments, 2 Years Product Service.

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【Auto Darkening Quickly】 The professional grade welders mask has 4 arc sensors, more than the most helmets in the market. more sensors means that our item is more sensitive which can auto darken continuously, precisely and response in supper short time (1/20000 seconds).

【Clear Large Vision】 An experience welder will choose our autodarkening welding helmets because lens has the top optical clarity(1/1/1/1 ) which is much better than 1/1/1/2, 1/2/1/2, they see the arc without distortion in the higher-rated lens and notice clarity issues in the in the lower-rated lens. besides, you can get a perfect view due to our item’s 3.94"x2.87" large viewing area which can help you reduce the frequency of moving head and neck as you weld.

【Good Toughness And Light】 Our welder mask is made of PA material which has passed impact and high temperature test, it is lighter than other material. you will be surprise that our item is not flimsy at all while it is thin and has supper light weight(1.15lb), which can minimizes strain on the welder's neck, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort in the long time welding work.

【Flexible Adjustment】 You can fix the helmet by adjusting the side knob in the surface or make it suitable for your head by adjusting the knob on the back. the variable shade range(3,3-8,9-13) can be changed too according to your type of welding work. besides, you can adjust the delaying time and sensitivity of the welding hood auto darkening function.

【Wide Application And Replacement Accessories】 The welding shield can handle multiple processes of Plasma cutting, abrasive wheel cutting/grinding, DC TIG, AC TIG, MIG/MAG, MMA/Stick welding, which are popular in metal fabrication industry, welding shops and auto manufacturing as well as DIY hobbyists projects. ITEM INCLUDES: 1 x auto darkening welding helmet; 1 x replacement battery; 5 x replacement outside lenses; 1 x replacement inside lens; 1 x storage bag; 2 years product service time.


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