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TACKLIFE Best Budget Power Station, 300Wh Portable Solar Generator, Quality Power Supply - W30


【Environment-Friendly & Low Noise Power】Portable solar power station is your best partner for outdoor adventure. W30 solar generator is smokeless, no oily smoke, no spark plug and no noise than traditional gas generators, and provides a green comfortable power source for your outdoor activities. Allowing you to release yourself during camping, outdoor adventures and RV trips with confidence.

【Designed For Outdoor Enthusiasts】300Wh (90000mAh) portable power station features 2x AC outlets,Type_C port, USB-A ports and vehicle port, applying for a wide range of devices. 300W AC outlets apply for TVs, drone, small refrigerator, small blenders or CPAP, etc. DC output ports designed for mobile phones, iPad or tablets, camera, etc, powering all electronic gears without worries during outdoor camping, traveling, hunting or fishing.

【Solar Generator Power Supply】High-efficiency 150W solar panels (Sold Separately), which can be quickly fully charged within 1.5 to 2 hours of full sunlight outdoors. 40W AC wall charging is another way to fully charge within 7 hours. The TACKLIFE solar power station can be charged anywhere, and the charging speed is fast enough to meet your needs. Note: The input power should be below 150W.

【Wireless Charging】 Outdoor solar generators provide 15W wireless charging for mobile phones equipped with wireless charging chips. Just place it on the portable power station to charge. When all output ports are occupied, the wireless charging panel brings you a more convenient way to fully charge the phone.

【Stable & Safe Backup Battery】Equipped with a standard pure sine wave AC power socket TACKLIFE electric generator provides a more stable power supply for various outdoor activities or emergency power outages, which is more convenient for driving, RV camping trips and outdoor adventures. Over-voltage, over-current and over-heat are controlled through the overload protection design, protect you and your equipment during use, making your outdoor activities worry-free.


Product description


Weight : 4.56kg
Dimensions : 9.8x7.1x6.9 in(25.0x18.1x17.5cm)
Operating Usage Temp : 32-104℉(0-40℃)
Charge times
AC Wall Charger : 7 hrs


Cell Chemistry : Li-ion NMC
Pack Capacity : 300Wh
Lifecycles : 500 Cycles up to 80% capacity
Shelf-life : Charge every 3-6 months
Management System : BMS, low battery protection


USB-A Port (output) : 5V, up to 3.0A(15W max)
USB-C Port (output) : 5V, up to 3.0A(12W max)
Car Port (output) : 12V, up to 10A(120W max)
AC Port (output, pure sine wave) :120V 60Hz/50Hz(300W,800W Surge)
Wireless Charging Pad(output): 5W/7.5W/10W/15W(QI1.2.4 Standard Compatible)
Charging Port(input) : 15-25V(150W)

Q: How long I’ll be able to power my gear from W30 power station?
A: For example, a 300Wh power station can run a 100W light for 3 hours(300/100=3). Another factor is how much power is being converted going form power station to the device you are powering. There are approximately 10% power loss in AC and USB port, so the formula for AC and USB Port is (300Wh*0.9)/100=2.7 hours.

Q: How long can this run my CPAP machine?
A: Most CPAP machines run at 50 Watt. According to the formula mentioned above. (300Wh*0.9)/50W=5.4Hours. We suggest you turn off the humidififier and heater on your machine to prolong the using time.

Q: Can I chain multiple solar panels together to reduce solar recharge times? A: Yes. But please do not exceed more than 25V input through the integrated input port. Otherwise, it may trigger the charging over-voltage protection.
Q: How can I change the AC Output current frequency?
A: Make sure the AC Port is turned off. Press the Car Port Button and AC Port Button at the same time to enter the frequency-changing mode. Long press the Car Port Button to change the frequency to 50Hz and 60Hz. Press the AC Port Button and Car Port Button together to exit the mode.

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