Paint Sprayer 3 Spraying Patterns with 3 Nozzles-SGP15AC

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  • THREE SPRAY PATTERNS and WIDE APPLICATION: This spray gun can be adjusted to three different spray patterns, you can choose the most suitable for your different applications for furniture, wall ,fence and so on
  • SPRAY EVENLY and SAVE ON CONSUMPTION: It's very quick and sprays evenly. It can reach the hidden area like between the pickets, behind the doors, it can save you a lot consumption by evenly spray and little usage
  • EASY-USED and SAVE TIME: This item is very easy to use and clean, installation and refill is easy and quick. The sprayer can be detached to three units, which is easy to wash, it can save you a lot time for other projects
  • SPECIAL ADDED DESIGN and HIGH CAPACITY: Very special design, you can add paint directly without opening the container. It is very convenient to use this spray gun. With a 900ml container, you do not need to add paint frequently
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 x Tacklife SGP15AC Spray Gun with a canister, 1 x funnel, 1 x cleaning needle, 1 x cleaning brush, 2 x gaskets, 3 x spray nozzle, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x 24-month Warranty

    TACKLIFE SGP15AC Hand-held Paint Sprayer


    Professional and Lightweight

    The Tacklife Spray Gun is made up of PA6-GF30 plastic for the home owner, and is equipped with 4 nozzles, suitable for car parts, home appliance parts, steel furniture, wooden products and more; especially for painting small areas.

    Special Paint Adding Method: As the spray gun canister cover with a quick refill lid for adding the paint, you do not need to detach the canister to add paint,thus much time is saved.

    Detachable Design: All parts of the spray gun can be detached easily, and it is convenient for you to clean the parts after spraying. Please assemble every part according to the instruction.

    High Capacity: With the 30 oz container, you do not need to add the paint frequently compared with other spray guns.

    Long Power Line: With 5.9 Ft power line, you can control the working distance according to actual situation.

    Heat Emission: Special heat emission design provides protection for the motor during the operation.

    Flow Control: The flow control knob is a smart design for you to adjust the flow rate at any time.

    Easy to Operate: Before the paint job,fill water in the paint to test the viscosity;Select the appropriate spray tip and nozzle according to the instructions; Assemble the paint sprayer;Adjust the flow control knob and begin to spray.

    • Generally, small nozzles result in smooth finish while a large makes the project much fast. The sprayer is equipped with 4 nozzles and the copper 13/32'' nozzle is suitable for very fine spray surfaces such as desks, chairs, wooden toys and crafts; while the 1-3/16 nozzles are suitable for exterior walls, escalators, fences, corridors and grounds; and the other two nozzles are suitable for railings, window frames, boats, yard furniture and garage doors, etc.

    • Spray Width Lever

      HVLP sprayers divide the airflow into two parts, one for pushing the paint to the nozzle while the other for atomizing the paint. Unlike other brands, we have a spray width lever that adjusts the air pressure near the canister and nozzle to control the spray width. At the same time, when the viscosity of the coating is high, you can turn it down to increase the pressure inside the canister so as to get more power to push the paint; when you need a great finish, you can turn it up to enhance the atomizing power.

    • Smart Nozzle Selector

      The smart nozzle selector offers three different spray patterns and you can paint the cabinet horizontally and vertically, even easily deal with the nook through the circular mode.

    • Quick Refill Lid

      Invention patent: the check value is designed to prevent backflow of liquids, which can protect the paint from blockage; New practical patent: with the quick refill lid, you do not have to unscrew the canister while add the paint; New practical patent: the trigger can not only adjust the air flow rate but control the nozzle switch; New practical patent: this sealing clip allows you to remove the entire spray unit housing for cleaning and replacement;

    Any problem,you can easily query the instructions to solve them


    • Little or no paint is released

      1.spray nozzle,tip or pickup tube clogged/loosed;2.the check value was blocked/dust blocked the filter;3.the check value was blocked/dust blocked the filter;4.Y-type seal ring was lost;5.canister/quick refill lid loosed; 6.turn up the flow control knob ;7.add some water to thin the paint;8.change a bigger nozzle.

    • Too much coarse finish

      1.add some water to thin the paint;2.turn down the flow control knob; 3.check whether the spray nozzle or tip is clogged; 4.change a smaller nozzle; 5.fasten the canister and quick refill lid.

    • The paint dripped

      1.fasten the canister and quick refill lid; 2.check whether the seal rings are still well installed; 3.tighten the nozzle and tip collar.

    • How to pull out the spray tip? this housing vertically up;2.remove the nozzle;3.insert the "key";4.rotate it 90°clockwise;5.pull out the tip vertically up.

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