TACKLIFE Money Counter -MMC02 TACKLIFE Money Counter -MMC02

TACKLIFE Money Counter - MMC02

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【Mode Detection Techniques】Five powerful anti-counterfeiting detection technology helps to detect counterfeit, ripped or damaged bills - Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG), Infrared (IR), Metal Thread (MT), and Dimensional (DD). The default function is UV, MG and IR.

【Higher Power Motor & Vertical Structure】The bill counter takes the motor with higher speed and power, which could count more than 1200 bills per minute. To place the banknote vertically helps you solves the problems of getting stuck, more efficiently and conveniently.

【Convenient 6 Operation Modes】Count, add, batch/c, reset, CF and auto mode makes money counting easier. Count mode: count without detecting; Add mode: count the bills in adding; Batch/C mode: Count the bills in batch; Reset mode: Clear zero and to restart; CF mode: Convert function; Auto mode: Switch the mode between.

【External Display Offers More View Angle】The bill counter comes with additional external display, showing the client the situation you are counting; With an easy to read LED screen, it is easier and more intuitive to get your reading; Banknote baffle on two sides and handles take you more convenience and comfort.

【Rich Accessories Meet Your Needs】1 x MMC02 Counting and Detecting Machine, 1 x Money Marker, 1 x Power Cord Line, 1 x External Display, 1 x Brush, 1 x Rubber, 120 x Bill Straps, 1 x User Manual.


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Kindly Note:
2. The machine must be kept far away from the strong magnetic field and the interference of Hertzian waves.
3. The effective power must be in the scope of 110, otherwise, it will affect the normal work.
4. The fuse rating is 2A/250V, it can not be increased or reduced.
5. 80% of all the operational problems may be caused by the dust and dirt inside the machine, please keep the machine clean all time.
6. Before cleaning the machine always unplug it from the wall. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners on the machine. Our Advantages - Not Get Stuck - 5 Forms of Counterfeit Detection: Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Infrared, Metal Thread And Dimensional Sensors - More Operation Modes: Count, add, batch/c, reset, CF and auto mode - Higher Counting Speed > 1200pcs/minute - Larger Capacity: 500pcs

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