PCD04C Cordless Drill PCD04C Cordless Drill

TACKLIFE Cordless Drill 20V Max, Budget Handheld Drill For DIYers - PCD04C


It can be operated with one hand and different from normal drill which requires the use of both hands. It's simple and convenient. The metal spindle is durable which can not be broken easily when the drill dropped onto the ground or you hit something hard. The service life of the metal spindle is long. The plastic mandrel is easily becoming brittle and it is not durable after use , please clean the spindle and apply the oil, which is good for the tool. With 1/2 size mandrel:During use, the drill bit does not come off easily from the spindle because the vibration of the drill.The large size range will be suitable for many accessories, and also can be used in any occasion. Why the Lithium Ion battery is better than Ni-MH Battery? A-No memory effect B-High voltage C-Stable discharge curve D-Broad application temperature range E-Long shelf life F-Low self discharge rate.


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