Clamp Meter,Tacklife Clamp Multimeters, 6000 Counts,AC/DC Voltage Tester - CM05 Clamp Meter,Tacklife Clamp Multimeters, 6000 Counts,AC/DC Voltage Tester - CM05

  • You can return/replace this clamp meter purchased here within 24 months without any reason
  • ❤POWERFUL FUNCTION: Clamp meter can be used to measure AC and DC voltage, AC current, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diodes, continuity tester,lightweight and full-featured. It is an ideal tool for the majority of users to carry around
  • ❤NCV SENSITIVE DETECTION: When the clamp head is close to the measured object about 0-5CM , the instrument will emit a different rhythm of the buzzer sound according to the different voltage intensities. At the same time, the NCV light flashes to distinguish the intensity of the voltage.
  • ❤SAFETY AND STABILITY: Complies with overvoltage CATCAT III 600V and Pollution Level 2 safety standards,full-scale overload protection;Pliers head mounting defensive equipment, double insulation, providing you with safer service;Energy saving, the instrument will "automatically shut down" (sleep state) if the function keys and the functions selector dial without any operation in 15 minutes .
  • ❤EASILY RECORD AND READ:High resolution, backlit LCD display, flashlight function, and data retention features ensure that the meter can perform measurements in dark places;Low battery indication,please replace the battery immediately when the battery is low.
  • ❤OFFICIAL CONFIGURATION:Tacklife CM05 Clamp Meter, Test Leads (Pair), 2*1.5V AAA Batteries, Screwdriver, Black Storage Bag, User's Manual, 24-Month Service Card
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