A surreal smart pool-lifestyle with Tacklife Edge

Featured with dual motors and a powerful pump, smart gyroscope navigation and patented 4x4 technology,the Edge easily adapts to different shapes and surfaces, bringing you an effortless pool cleaning experience turning a dreary chore into a delight. Enioy a well-cleaned oasis with just a few taps.

  • Cable Free Design

  • 2-Hour Battery Life

  • 4X4 Driven

  • Powerful Scrubbing

  • 18m3/h Flow Rating

  • Ultra Fine Basket Cartridge

Powerful Scrubbing and Ultra-Fine Filtration

Equipped with rotating PVC roller brushes and a powerful pump,Tacklife Edge performs deep cleaning and intense scrubbing beyond boundaries, all while filtering moss and debris from the water.

  • Smart Gyroscopic Navigation

    The built-in gyroscope, internal route planning, route memory,and app-based setup ensure custom,efficient and complete coverage of any pool shape. Once setting, for all cleaning.

  • Dynamically surmounts obstacles as high as 5 cm and deals with sloped and curved surfaces.

  • The suck-in and spiral-out mechanism empowers Edge defly attached to walls for waterline cleaning.

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