MMD07 Metal Detector MMD07 Metal Detector

Tacklife Best Metal Detector For Beginner Portable Detecting Kit

$119.99 $149.99

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* Precise & Accurate & Easy to Use

* 9 Category of Metals Available

* Adjustable Length from 104cm - 135cm

* Backlight Option for Dark Environment

* USA Warehouse, Free Shipping


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3-mode metal detector

9 metal segments metal detector

portable metal detector kit

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Detect You Want

The MMD07 professional metal detector provides 3 different modes, to eliminate unwanted metals or detect all types of metal, convertible with the "MENU" key.

Intuitive Visualization

To facilitate observation of the detected metal types, MMD07 divides metals into 9 categories from 1 to 99 based on the intensity of electromagnetic induction: iron nails, nickel coins ($ 0.05), tin tabs (P-TAB), aluminum alloy screws (S-CAP), zinc coins ($ 0.01), copper coins ($ 0.1) and silver coins ($ 0.25, $ 0.5 and $ 1).

Free Adjustment

The length of MMD07 can be adjusted from 104cm to 135cm, to suit both adults and children. In addition to the included headphones for a more private experience, the volume is adjustable in 4 levels. In the dark or in the evening, you could also activate the backlight, to see the display clearly.

Precise and Accurate

The sensitivity of the detection can be adjusted with the indicator buttons 1 to 8, to avoid the problems caused by the indicator being too sensitive or too insensitive. MMD07 also provides pinpoint function, to help detect depth accurately, with just pressing the red "Pinpoint" button once.


  1. 1 Metal Detector
  2. 1 Carrying Bag
  3. 1 Folding Shovel
  4. 1 Shovel Bag
  5. 1 Headphone with 3.5mm plug
  6. 2 9V Battery
  7. 1 User Manual

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