MBG01A Bench Grinder MBG01A Bench Grinder

TACKLIFE Multifunctional Bench Grinder, 200W/1.67A Sharpener with Flexible Shaft, 6 Variable Speeds, Electric Grinding Tool - MBG01A

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【Multi-function】It mainly has six functions, sharpening drill, sharpening knife, sharpening chisel, sharpening axe, polishing function, sharpening function with flexible shaft.

【Multi-field】It is the best choice for household, woodworking, gardening, DIY, model making, metal processing and other fields. By adjustable various speed, you can perform fine engraving, cutting, polishing, grinding, sharpening, engraving, drilling, polishing, grinding, etc. A sharpening machine, with so many functions at the same time, can also act as a rotating tool, which not only saves you the time of choosing high-performance tools, but also saves your money and energy.

【Safety Switch Contacts】For the tool to operate safely and prevent the grinding wheel from running without a cover, the tool is equipped with two safety switch contacts. Before using any function, it must be ensured that both contacts are pressed simultaneously by the accessory, so that the tool can through the main switch starts running.


Multifuntional Sharpener


The application of three holders plastic with 3 diamond wheels

bench grinder

The application of 16 grinding wheels


Ideal for DIY or crafting projects like detail sanding, carving, engraving, cutting, cleaning and polishing

Questions and Answers for the tool:

Q: There is a safety switch to avoid the hurt?

A: TACKLIFE MBG01A Multifunctional Sharpening Machine has a safety switch to prevent damage. Here is the process to turn on the tool:

First press the power switch;

Then make sure that the holders have pressed the scroll switches on both parts of the grinding wheel;

Finally, the machine starts to work.

Q: Can I sharpen all kinds of metal materials?

A: It can't sharpen carbide tools.

The diamond grinding wheel (black) is only for drill bits and chisels.

The corundum grinding wheel (white) is for other tools like knives, scissors, axes.

Q: What is the diameter of chainsaw grinding wheel?

A: The three diamond pieces for sharpening the chain saw are 5/32", 3/16", 7/32" (4, 5, 6mm).

Q: What is the diameter of drills that I can sharpen?

A: You can sharpen the drill bits of 7/64"-1/2" (3-13mm), thanks!

Q: Can I buy replacement wheels?

There are two grinding wheels installed in the machine: the corundum grinding wheel (white, 50x11x8 mm) for softer materials such as knives, scissors, axes etc; The diamond grinding wheel (black, 50x10x7.5mm) is suitable for drill bits, stainless steel drill bit, chisels and other high hardness material.

Be careful: You can't change the position of the two wheels on the machine.

Information for the multifunctional electric sharpener tool:

Diamond wheel: 50x10x7.5mm

White corundum wheel: 50x11x8mm

Grindable chisel width: 6/25"-2" (6-51mm)

Angle adjustment range of grinding chisel: 20 - 40 °

Angle adjustment range of grinding axe: -30 - 30 °

Grindable drill diameter: 7/64"-1/2" (3-13mm)

Wheel diameter for grinding chain saw: 5/32", 3/16", 7/32" (4, 5, 6mm)

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