50SA Home Safe 50SA Home Safe

Tacklife Best Home depot Safe Box Money Safe For Sale


* 0.5 / 1.8 Cubic Feet Safe Box

* Built of Heavy-duty Carbon Steel

* Digital Lock with Instruction Lights

* 3 Pry-resistant Concealed Hinges

* Can be Fixed to the Floor / Shelf / Wall

* Free Shipping: 3-5 Days Fast Delivery


About the Safe Box

This cubic feet safe box, built of heavy-duty carbon steel, features 3-layer protection. The first layer is a digital lock system with 3 instruction lights. The yellow is on when you input the password. The green is on after you input the correct password. The red is on when the password is wrong or the box low battery. The second layer is 2 live-door bolts. The third layer is 4 mounting bolts, so the safe box can be fixed to the floor, shelf or wall. In addition, the 1.8 cubic feet safe box has a 13.8" * 13" * 19.7" interior. There's a soft carpet to protect jewelry, heirlooms, or other delicate items against scratches or damage.

Usage of the Safe Box

Firstly, open it with 1 of the 2 keys provided. Secondarily, install 4 AA batteries behind the door. Thirdly, reset the passcode. There's 1 button on the door's medial part, press it & input the new passcode(3 to 8 digits). Each pressing results in 1 buzzer beep & yellow light flashes. Then press the "#" button and the green light will be on. At Last, rotate the knob clockwise, pull outwards within 5 seconds and the door is opened.

Caution about the Safe Box

  1. Don't leave your keys in the safe. If you forget your password or the battery is dead, you will never be able to open it!
  2. If both of the red lights and the green lights are on at the same time, it means the voltage is low and you should insert new batteries.
  3. When it outages for longer than thirty minutes, you need to reset the user's code.
  4. If the yellow light flashes with three buzzer beeps, it means password typos, so you need to input the correct user code.

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