CF01 Ceiling Fan CF01 Ceiling Fan

TACKLIFE Ceiling Fan, 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fans, Quiet & Powerful - CF01

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【3-Speed Wind ForceT】The pull-chain operator offers more convenient adjustments of rotate speed as it avoids the complexity in the installation of the wall switch.The fan is divided into three gears, namely 75±10%/ 120±10%/ 170±10%.

【Solid Wood Board + 5 Fan Blades】The solid wood board material is more primitive and environmentally-friendly, very suitable for outdoor terraces, workshops, breeze passages, pavilions, pergola and other outdoor places. Compared with other three or four-blade fans, the five-blade design brings more wind.

【Quiet Reversible Motor】Quiet and efficient reversible motor enables the wind to naturally drive away the heat in summer, and circulate indoor hot air in winter.

【Applicable & Stylish】52-inch size and the stylish color scheme, as well as the pull chain design make the fan quite attractive, it is therefore applicable in multiple places, such as medium to large rooms(25-30 square meters) and public areas. It will bring you a brand new cooling experience, at the same time raise the aesthetic design of your room.

【LED Light & Long Pull Chain】Two 25-watt light bulbs are able to light up a large space, the light is controlled by one of the 2 pull chains, the pull chain is long enough so that you can easily reach it while standing on the floor, a brilliant choice for your outdoor area!




  • The TACKLIFE ceiling fan is more than a fan that cools down your room, it is also an artwork which can match to your house, projecting an original appeal to every corner. 2 LED light bulbs look like pearls that shine brightly on the sky, sparkling the crystal on the end of the drawstring.
  • Two-mode Running :The ceiling fan is equipped with three-speed reversible motor, the wind naturally drives away the heat in summer while brings indoor hot air in winter. You can press the reverse switch to control fan's rotating direction. You can change the direction from downdraft mode for summer to updraft mode for winter.
  • Five Fan Blades: Compared with the other three or four-blade fans, the five-blade design brings more wind and offers you a more efficient cool-down experience.





  • Three-speed Adjustable:The ceiling fan is divided into three gears, namely 75±10%/ 120±10%/ 170±10%. You can use the drawstring to switch among different gears in order to meet the needs of different wind speeds.
  • Low Noise: TACKLIFE ceiling fans are engineered to be whisper quiet so everyone can have a good night’s sleep or enjoy a peaceful night on the patio while staying cool.



Relax & Enjoy the Ceiling Fan


  • Suitable Place:The ceiling fan is designed for medium to large rooms(25-30 square meters), such as bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms or public areas like porches, terraces and pavilions.
  • Romantic Decoration: The 52-inch ceiling fan, along with its fashionable design, is quite attractive and stylish, can easily match to different places.

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