PVC05B Wet Dry Vacuum PVC05B Wet Dry Vacuum

TACKLIFE Professional Wet Dry Vacuum, 3 in 1 Multifunctional Performance Water Spills Shop Vac - PVC05B


【Powerful Suction & High Capacity】This shop vacuum combines the powerful suction and the high volume (20L/5.3 gallons) together, the 6 peak HP powers the suction function, increasing the vacuum pressure up to 18.5 KPa. These 2 features improve your working efficiency significantly, reduces the times it requires to empty the dust barrel.

【5-in-1 Shop Vacuum】This vacuum cleaner is almost versatile, it can tackle every type of the cleaning: dry cleaning, wet cleaning, crevice cleaning, furniture cleaning and blowing. Inside the package you can find all the required accessories to carry out different jobs. It can also be applied on cleaning or drying pets’ fur.

【Double Wind Speed Control】You can control the wind speed by 2 means: turning the switch button on the top or sliding the block on the hose. The airflow is designed to be controllable because we need to protect the children and the aged from being damaged by the strong suction.

【Professional Filtration System & Safety Buoy Technology】The multi-layer filtration system is composed by Air outlet filter, HEPA and Air inlet filter, purifying the air effectively. While the protection system inside can cut off the power once the sewage is beyond the boundary to protect the motor, very user-friendly.

【Stainless-Steel-Designed】The shell of this wet/dry vacuum is made of stainless steel, making it more sturdy and robust. It’s easy to disassemble the machine to clean the filter inside. Wet Dry vacuum is made of high-quality stainless steel to guarantee the service life,using advanced drawing process,both beautiful and practical.


TACKLIFE-the future of tools!


------------All-in-one performance, saving money, saving space-----------

·Dry vacuuming: handle various cleaning tasks, such as dry dirt such as dust, pet hair and general dirt.

·Wet vacuum cleaner: suitable for sucking spilled liquid and cleaning the sink.

·Blowing function: drying wet noodles and pet hair.


High-efficiency motors with stronger suction provide a clean, dust-free and spotless environment.

· Multifunctional--->Can be used to suck out the air in the storage bag or blow the mattress

· Buoy technology ---> When the water level in the trash bin exceeds the boundary, the power is automatically turned off to better protect the motor.

· Portable design-> 360 degree rotating wheels make the shop vacuum cleaner easy to move


Special function

  • The air outlet filter captures fine particles and purifies the air.
  • HEPA filtration is a good system for families with young children, who suffer from dry eyes, runny nose, or pets. The dust removal efficiency is as high as 99.97%.
  • The air inlet filter can effectively capture large particles and impurities and store them in a bucket.


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