MMD02 Metal Detector MMD02 Metal Detector

TACKLIFE Basic Detector, 2 Metal & Disc Modes, High Accuracy, Low Battery Indicator, Backlit Display - MMD02

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【Detection of 3 Types of Metals】MMD02 provides 3 detection to detect 3 types of different metals, for the 3 different types it will emit the 3 different sounds: a low tone alarm sound for ferrous metals, a medium tone alarm sound for low conductivity non-ferrous metals, and a high-tone alarm sound for high conductivity non-ferrous metals.

【Fantastic Disc Button】By pressing the DISC button of MMD02, you can easily detect certain types of metals: once for ferrous metals, twice to exclude even low conductivity non-ferrous metals, three times to return to normal detection. MMD02 helps to find metal faster, also thanks to the deep detection function. Depending on the depth, different icons will appear on the MMD02 display.

【Fun For Everyone】The detection rod of MMD02 can be freely adjusted in length from 61cm to 90cm. Not only is it usable by adults, but it also provides the joy of treasure hunting for kids. The non-slip strip equipped with MMD02 makes it more convenient to carry. The waterproof coil also offers another detection possibility, namely shallow water detection. Notice: The detection rod and coil are waterproof, but the detector is not.

【More Comfortable Experience】Headphone jack on the detector of MMD02, by connecting headphones (not included), you can enjoy detecting even in a noisy environment. If you need to use MMD02 in the dark, just press the button to activate the display backlight. MMD02 also has a low battery reminder function: when the battery is low, the battery icon on the screen will flash to remind you to replace the battery.

【Package】1 × TACKLIFE MMD02 Metal Detector, 1 × Carrying Bag, 2 × 9V Batteries, 1 × User Manual ※ Notice: When the screen is blank and only the OVERLOAD-RAISE COIL icon flashes, it means there is a large underground metal or that the ground has strong magnetism, which causes MMD02 to go into overload mode, so MMD02 will not work normally.


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